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Longwood College: where I go to school
National Geographic: where I would like to work
National Park Service: another place I am thinking about working at
The Textual Revolution: treat yourself to a great bit of humor; also has a really good music page
Eastman Kodak Company
Seattle Filmworks: a great place to have film developed
Mu Delta: Longwood's Phi Mu Alpha chapter
Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia: the music fraternity I'm in
Art Wolfe's page: a really GREAT photographer
Kitara's page: one of the sweeter girls I know
Jen & Dwight's page: home of one of my friends and her boyfriend
Alpha Alpha Omicron: Longwood's Alpha Phi Omega chapter
Alpha Phi Omega: the national service fraternity I'm in a large gallery of art work

Wolf Sites

Power Point Presentation

Slide Show of Wolf Pictures
North American Wolf Association: up-to-date info concerning wolf recovery
International Wolf Center: a place that focuses on wolf education
Old Wolf's Wolf Page: has lots of cool stuff that I will eventually get linked here
Embracing the Wolf: take a wonderful journey of the spirit
Adopt a Wolf: it's not hard to do and it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside
Wolf Haven Volunteer Information: for anybody interested in helping Wolf Haven
Wolf Education & Research Center: the name says it all

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Welcome to Singing Wolf's homepage!

Hi everyone! Thanks for visiting my homepage.

So...who am I? That's a very good question. Let's find out. I was born and raised in upstate New York. After graduating high school (Go class of '94!), I spent one semester at the University of Colorado as an architecture major. That didn't work out though. Sooo...back to New York I went to toil and slave at Little Caesar's. By the spring of '96 I had grown tired of living in New York with my mother (Sorry Mom!). So I started to look around to see where it was that I wanted to be. By June, I was seriously considering Arizona as a place where I would be happiest. A quick vacation out there confirmed it. While I was out there I managed to find a decent job and apartment. So yet again I started packing my things.

Then something really strange happened. A few days before I was supposed to leave, I had a dream. It wasn't much of a dream. All it was was an outline of the state of Virginia that zoomed in on the middle of the state. After it zoomed in, a name was given to me. Upon waking, all I could recall of that name was that it started with the letter "L". I quickly grabbed up my bible (which just happens to be a road atlas :o) ) and started searching. But search as I might there was nothing there!

So I continued packing to leave for Arizona, all the while thinking about a place in Virginia that didn't seem to exist. Finally, the big day comes and I am on my way to Arizona. I have said "good-bye" to all my friends and family in New York and all of my stuff has been packed. As I approach the exit to take me west, I realize that there is nobody in Arizona who will miss me overmuch if I don't show. So as the exit slides by, I start thinking how nice it is to be free! Keep in mind, I have no idea where I am headed to once I get to Virginia. That evening I pull off for the night in Lexington, on the western side of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Before I know it, the small town has sucked me in, another unfortunate victim.

Unfortunately, I still had no clue what I wanted to do with my life, so I continued to be a pizza slave. But being in a town with 2 universities, I soon got the bug to go back to school. At the time I was thinking about being a high school teacher of biology. I soon learned that the best school for education in Virginia was a small college called Longwood. As soon as I saw that name I knew that Longwood had been the name from the dream. I grabbed up the map again just to be sure though. Sure enough, right where I looked so intently before was Longwood College. On my first search, all I had been looking at were towns, not colleges!

Needless to say, I attended Longwood College, where I earned my B.S. in biology with a minor in anthropology. There, now you are all caught up with the general run of my life. As for interests, I love photography, animals (wolves and raptors especially), hiking, biking, photography, camping, music, reading and...Did I mention photography? :)

What's Going On?
OK, so since it has been 4 years since I last updated this thing, a whole lot has happened that I need to fill people in on. Those of you who know me know that I am lousy at keeping in touch, so for many of you this will all be new. After graduating from Longwood, I moved to West Virginia with Shane. I waited tables while she worked as a music teacher in Highland County, Virginia. But our relationship didn't last long living together. A lot of major decisions were made that didn't involve my input. So, I broke the whole engagement off after about a year and moved back to upstate New York for a while. I figured it had been about six years since I had really spent any time with my family and it was high time that I did.

In New York, I started waiting tables again, at Applebee's this time. For the next two years, I did almost every position in a restaurant that I could. I waited, bartended, hosted, worked in the kitchen, and helped management as an hourly paid assistant manager. All in all, it was some pretty good times. I was living single, making money, and having fun being a bachelor. But the good times couldn't last forever. Eventually, I started getting fed up with all the corporate bs and decided to take a break from it all for a short little while. As it turned out, my timing couldn't have been better.

In March of 2004, I came back to Virginia to help celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Mu Delta chapter of Phi Mu Alpha, my music fraternity. While I was there, I ran into one of my brothers who was working as the program director for a summer camp where I had worked before. I think this was after my last update, so here's the low down on that. For the summers of '01 and '02, I worked as an adventure camp counselor. My job was to take small groups of teenagers out on week long expeditions where we would do a various assortment of physical activities. I was getting paid to white water raft and kayak, canoe, rock climb, ride horseback, hang glide, hike, camp, and sail. Plus they paid for room and board! How cool is that?! Anyway, at the anniversary celebration I ran into Matt, who asked me if I would like to come back for another summer. Heck yeah! And I am so glad I did.

While I was at camp this last summer (2004), I met someone who is absolutely incredible. Her name is Alecia and we hit things off together right from the moment we met. In all fairness though, I do have to admit that I was a little dense about her feelings for me for a while (i.e. I said nothing to her about how I felt until halfway through the summer). Anyway, she is a truly wonderful person...intelligent, beautiful, loving, supportive, encouraging, and very strongly herself sometimes :) We weren't real sure what kind of relationship ours would be because I had held my apartment in New York with every intention of going back there at the end of the summer. But we have surprised everyone so far and lasted for almost eight months as of the time of this update. And it's because of Alecia that I am where I am in my life right now.

Because of Alecia, I again care about who I am and where I am going. Right now, I am looking to go back to school in the fall of 2005. This time, I will be getting a degree in Wildland/Wildlife Law Enforcement, which I think should boost me into the National Park Service as a Park Ranger. I have not decided yet where I will go, but so far I have been accepted to Vermilion Community College in Ely, Minnesota and Skagit Valley College in Mount Vernon, Washington. I am still waiting to hear from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona. All of these schools are about equal in positives so I think the final decision may come down to who is willing to pay the most for my education for me :) Who can say where I will end up, but right now I am living very happily with Alecia at my side and everything is once again looking up for me.

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